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Man, she's practically busting out of that dress!

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Estella Warren
comment # 1 by hippotek


comment # 2 by proteinnerd


comment # 3 by asdf123

lol what a horrible dress ><

comment # 4 by Lossow

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nice!!!!

And another excuse to study the pic hard: Dress or swimsuit?

comment # 5 by recyke

If it's a swimsuit, why isn't it WET ?!


comment # 6 by hometimenow

mmmm an eye opener :D

comment # 7 by Lossow

@recyke: Maybe she is on her way TO the water?

comment # 8 by maccool111

The question should be more silicone in the boobs or the lips?

comment # 9 by Insuborden

Was gonna make a similar comment maccool:
Het lips are also on the verge of bursting!
A bit too much customizing for my taste...

comment # 10 by miGs

she is outstandingly hot.

comment # 11 by technogreg

OMG, is that possible to put so much boobs in a dress ?

comment # 12 by grs666

The competition's getting tougher!

A score of 8.39 will no longer get a Babe into the Top 20!

comment # 13 by garrize

Oh my god...

comment # 14 by self85

Nice view..

comment # 15 by Sabbe

Very Hot.

comment # 16 by ahriman

it's a dress. You can see the skirt extend below the photo on her right leg.

and I live in a fantasy world where both her lips and her breasts are real... it's nice here, you guys should move in here with me.