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Those glasses looked photoshopped on

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Hayden Panettiere
comment # 1 by proteinnerd

That is not her body

I usually don't complain about a small amount of photo shopping but it looks like they have cut and pasted her face (after photoshopping the hell out of it) on another body..

comment # 2 by amrstation

Not her body? I'll have to watch Beth Cooper to make sure...

comment # 3 by DonLunte

Cant await to see I love you, Beth Cooper.
its not airing before november in germany...............

hopefully there is away to see it in english before in an appropriate quality... I WANNA SEE IT ASAP!

comment # 4 by nick

haha that face really does look photoshopped on!

comment # 5 by maccool111


comment # 6 by dodobird09

the photoshopped it, and placed it too far to the right. BYAAAAAA!!!!

comment # 7 by gzurti

i think the most conspicuous thing is her tattoo. and the sunglasses. and her head, especially her nose. and...

comment # 8 by asdf123


comment # 9 by membreya

She has a tattoo there Gzurti. It's in Italian and I think it says "live life without regret".

Although the tattoo artist made an error on it :P

comment # 10 by godzionu

mmm fresh meat :P

comment # 11 by fredmxm354


You dont actually see anything, ive already seen the 'nude' scene best you get is her shoulder... if you want it google "i love you beth cooper nude shower room scene"

4/10 because of the extreme shopping :|

comment # 12 by DonLunte

@ fred... first of all its not only this one scene im looking forward to.
secondly, there are already screens out there showing a sideboob of her.

and the scene you mean is right before that i guess. and the look on her face in that scene...
how can i say it.. its to die for xD

comment # 13 by Poffelchen

best picture i've seen of her