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Usually I don't really see what the big fuss is about, but I do like this shot

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Hayden Panettiere
comment # 1 by soong

Leather dress, high heels, black and white... I'm going to have to differ here. I dislike this shot.

8 for the babe.

comment # 2 by crysto

My mind just rolled down between great walleys of pleasurefull cleavage on a godess and can't get up... not that it is trying to though... :P

comment # 3 by Poffelchen

don't like her, but it'S a good picture.

comment # 4 by fredmxm354

the fact its greyscale is the only thing i like about this photo, never liked Hayden anyway...

comment # 5 by dbv1

would've looked better if she was posing to look like she was naturally laying there, just looks like she's trying to dip her hair in the water ;)

comment # 6 by Daimhal

Even hotter in black and white, if it's even possible.

comment # 7 by maccool111

Are you even sure it's her??

comment # 8 by MarvelX42

the fact that it is black and white is the only thing that is screwing up this picture

comment # 9 by godzionu

very hot babe, but i don't like B/W pictures

comment # 10 by ahriman

holy crap she's hot in this photo...

comment # 11 by ritman

Babe of the day is l8 again :(

comment # 12 by mailenstein

real leather is ruined afer geting wet like that!

comment # 13 by guerriero4

her best picture ever :)