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A little reminder of summer now that it's over. For my part of the world at least.

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Jenna Pietersen
comment # 1 by ritman

Theres No pic :(

comment # 2 by mikesullivan

Apparently there's no summer either... how appropriate. :-)

comment # 3 by DonLunte

what mike said

comment # 4 by fredmxm354

server's fine, probably a typo :P

comment # 5 by lossow

Well I know Jenna is mighty fine, so until the pic is fixed here are a few I like of her:

Plus of course BotD 1608 & 1322

comment # 6 by crysto

Omg she is so hot she blinded us! 0o

comment # 7 by XtazyMike

without a picture and she's number 1 on the top 20 babes...nice... :)

comment # 8 by jxoch

1742 babe of the day
1 error of the day :))

comment # 9 by grs666

@lossow, your second is one that I was going to suggest.

I think it has surprising hints of J.Lo, although with a somewhat trimmer booty!

These would be my two cents worth from the same source:

comment # 10 by Sabbe

Verrry hot. :)

comment # 11 by maccool111


comment # 12 by lossow

@jxoch: if on TV schedulers/TV corporate bosses could manage the same success rate (or politicians!)

comment # 13 by MarvelX42

In this pic she looks like a really young Alyssa Milano

comment # 14 by hippotek

12 points :)

comment # 15 by crysto

If one could climb into a picture.... I hate this cold place right now...
(thanks KB, it is stunning)

comment # 16 by ahriman

she is incredible!

comment # 17 by Poffelchen


comment # 18 by Daimhal

Holy shit!

comment # 19 by rschneider

@lossow (comment #5) You got the middle picture in your post WRONG (babe crouching, wearing only long black gloves, black stockings, garter belt & heels) - she is NOT Jenna, SHE is instead ISABELA SONCINI !!! (The other two DO appear to be Jenna). If the source of your photo identified her as Jenna, THEY got it wrong. You reposting the error causes it to multiply. The nice thing about Isabela is that she IS really hot, AND you can probably also find MORE pictures of her than of Jenna. Do a "Google Images" search for "Isabela Soncini" and you will be glad you did.