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Hayden Panettiere
comment # 1 by proteinnerd

Pretty, but one of the most over-rated girls on TV

comment # 2 by wckiller

pretty, i agree.... overrated? hell no.

but that's probably just me :)

comment # 3 by maccool111

Yup to the pretty not sure about the over rated.

comment # 4 by qazwsx

Pretty enough that most guys think about giving her an extended evaluation before rating her...

comment # 5 by hometimenow

Very N I C E Indeed.

comment # 6 by dodobird09


i would attempt taking over the world if it meant she would pay me a visit...hold on-someone..."CI what?"

comment # 7 by r3dball

She's great. But don't girls look better with their hair down...just sayin

comment # 8 by nala310

One of the top 5 best looking women in the world

comment # 9 by grs666

... and yet she's not one of the fifteen babes in the Top 20 rankings. Go figure!

And although it's difficult to be certain with the Ratings still missing from Browse Babes, I'm pretty sure that Hayden's highest rated appearance doesn't even make the Top 100.

comment # 10 by tik

Too bad her tattoo is mispelled. http://www.fadedyouthblog.com/229786/hayden-panettiere-does-good-day-la

comment # 11 by calzone

Would not call her looks supermodel looks... But there is something about here that makes her so irresistible! Just so cute. Perhaps it's her small stature that makes her look like a fuzzy little bunny you just can't help finding so cuddleable.

comment # 12 by grs666

Almost makes one wish for a whole warren of Hayden Rabbittieres to cuddle: