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Another submission from a loyal BOTD fan. Thank you, Simon.

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Estella Warren - for July 6th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Estella Warren
comment # 1 by Wizard

she looks like she's been crying. Not a nice look.

comment # 2 by Parsec

Valley of the Dolls?

comment # 3 by amrstation

Who cares? That pose is hot.

comment # 4 by 24spike

yo, Wizard is right, she does look like she's been creyind, didn't you find a better picture, like with her laughing or smth?

comment # 5 by lochness

She looks like she needs a comforting hug...

comment # 6 by spyder

google found some nice ones!

well... maybe not that last one. Comes from the same photo shoot as the submitted one.

comment # 7 by weinbergig

I dont like ululating babes, like reading books with pink covers.
I like ululating babes, reading olive-gree-covers books - but no pink covers, please - Damn you pink covers - go to hell pink covers!

comment # 8 by maccool111

Pouty look

comment # 9 by doctorseay

she's very...Virginia Madsen'esque
I like VM!