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Googling her is not safe for work...

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Tori Black
comment # 1 by grs666

Very nice! I'm not sure about the Tattoo though.

Oh I see, she's that kind of girl (NSFW), so it's for ID when she's at work!

comment # 2 by DonLunte

yea its THAT kinda girl

comment # 3 by qazwsx

One can appreciate the "I know you want this!" look in her eyes

comment # 4 by djpower1966

How did you find a pic of her with her clothes ON??

comment # 5 by dodobird09


comment # 6 by jums

The instrument of "Pornchestra". Look it up.

comment # 7 by mailenstein

I like the girl from last year better

comment # 8 by kraven

everymans dream girl

comment # 9 by grs666

Thanks for the tip jums!

If you're feeling brave, you can see (and hear) Tori's 102sec symphony here:

(Very NSFW):

or you can get sound only on YouTube.

comment # 10 by Crysto

I wonder how unclean that pool is of bodyfluids... CSI probably would have a year of lab work to do if they would test the vicinity ^^

comment # 11 by MarvelX42

Yeah, I'm not sure about the tattoo either. It needs to be bigger with more color and more visible in the shot. More of them would be better too, of course.

comment # 12 by lossow

Absolutely gorgeous. Almost too beautiful to be a pornstar!