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Are there any Australians left in Australia?

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Phoebe Tonkin
comment # 1 by ööööö


comment # 2 by ööööö


comment # 3 by ööööö


comment # 4 by miGs

second and third as well ^

comment # 5 by Corwin

F** F** F** -> someone's horny ;)

comment # 6 by fredmxm354

Fred doesn't get the obsession with "first"...

Nice babe too ;)

comment # 7 by M.D


comment # 8 by M.D


comment # 9 by ponch

that's hot

comment # 10 by maccool111


comment # 11 by grs666

There you go. With a little bit of effort it could have been Australia week.

But four firsts in one day seems a bit excessive!

comment # 12 by redemptor

She's hot but unfortunately the show she's on is unwatchable.

comment # 13 by Sandor

my screen melted

comment # 14 by homers

yep i can work with that, for my slideshows =)

comment # 15 by grs666

Come now, redemptor, what's not to like about teenage witches in short skirts running around in (secret) circles???

(But they do seem to be overdue with the old catfight in the swimming pool routine between Phoebe and Britt!)

comment # 16 by justlinkin


comment # 17 by redemptor

@grs666 - I have a high tolerance for pain when it comes to shows with hot girls/women but even I can't stand TSC. Last time this happened to me when Ghost Whisperer was on the air. :)

comment # 18 by grs666

I've never seen her in H2O: Just Add Water, but my bet is that Mermaids woz worse than Witches.