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An Eternal beauty.

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Louise Redknapp - for August 7th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Louise Redknapp
comment # 1 by amrstation

Big Eyes, small mouth, great boobs, nice body.
So, bottom line is.. I'd hit it.

comment # 2 by Poffelchen

i don't like her, horse face but nice bed ::-)

comment # 3 by 24spike

not so nice...in all , but nice eyes

comment # 4 by cwx

Heh - her head is outside the frame - I thought something looked odd. Nice effect :)

comment # 5 by SHABBY

She's ok, but that's it. You can do better. :p

comment # 6 by Parsec

you guys are mad! She's fine!

comment # 7 by karenbear

Horse face!?! Louise Redknapp does *not* have a horse face. Are you guys looking at the same picture as I am? *shakes head in dismay*

comment # 8 by Cimlite

You want some hay there Ms. Redknapp? :P

Seriously though, I don't get that comment either. She's gorgous. Horse-face? I think not.

comment # 9 by santah

amrstation - was there ever a BOTD you wouldn't hit? :)

comment # 10 by Ward

The male ones probably

comment # 11 by amrstation

How could u say that, santah???
shame on you.
of course there was a BOTD I wouldn't hit.
umm.. uh.. Dammit, I love em all.

PS: Not the male ones :D

comment # 12 by karenbear

You wouldn't hit David Duchovny, amrstation? Don't say that to Santah, he'll get offended. ;P

comment # 13 by BlackHood

that mouth is too small for any real function

comment # 14 by santah

yeah, if there ever was a male BOTD to hit on - that's Duhovny ... :D

comment # 15 by mxyzptlk

It's Charlize Therons birthday today...:P

comment # 16 by spyder

you guys are all completely crazy. she's hawt.

comment # 17 by amrstation

""yeah, if there ever was a male BOTD to hit on - that's Duhovny ... :D""


comment # 18 by karenbear

*gasp* You Ewwwww'd Teh Duchovny! That's like a banishable offence around here, isn't it? Hee.

comment # 19 by santah

it should be !!! amrstation - beware ! :D

comment # 20 by ahriman

bad photo, good woman.

comment # 21 by maccool111

Not her best pic.