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Hayden Panettiere
comment # 1 by Sithagent


comment # 2 by mailenstein


comment # 3 by walshy

meh meh

comment # 4 by redemptor

Nashville is already on my watchlist. ;)

comment # 5 by thesmokeyt

she was never really my cup of tea, but they doll'd her up real nice for this photo shoot. she looks good in this photo

comment # 6 by shyggen

i wouldnt complain if i get to do her, or if she by some miracle would wanna be with me :D

comment # 7 by kamadam


comment # 8 by grs666

Hayden's ninth appearance reminds me of the original Poison Dwarf.
Here's what Hayden will look like in Season 37 of Dancing on Ice, guys!!!

comment # 9 by proteinnerd

I still don't understand why she is so consistently overrated by so many.... if you rated her above a 6, have a really good look at the face, then at the body. She is by no means ugly, but she isnt that great either.

comment # 10 by qazwsx

Well, most girls do get extra points for being cheerleaders, don't they ?

comment # 11 by doctorseay

boob job...or water bra??