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Evangeline Lilly
comment # 1 by cup


lovely evangeline

OH. MY. GOSH! I swoon-fainted so hard, Evangeline Lilly is truly the best! And that's an absolutely lovely picture of her! And wonderful <3 Love the composition of the image. Here are some more of my favourites of her:

lovely evangeline lovely evangeline lovely evangeline
lovely evangeline lovely evangeline lovely evangeline lovely evangeline
edit: she's so amazing!

comment # 2 by xCheffe

love her, but this pic is meh

comment # 3 by Proteinnerd

Agreed, Evangeline is gorgeous but this picture of her is terrible.

comment # 4 by Lossow

Back to the old dilemma of do you vote for the babe or the picture....

comment # 5 by Kevin

Really like her, but don't like the pic

comment # 6 by grs666

I had a hunch that the return of Evangeline was going to ping KB's radar!

comment # 7 by AdrianW

Why is such a god-awful picture scoring 7.0 at the moment? Must be something to do with the name and not the picture.

comment # 8 by redemptor

not with that hair, dress and makeup

comment # 9 by migs

I happened upon an interview of hers on Conan or something. Who knew she was such a weirdo? Such a fantastical, amazing weirdo.

comment # 10 by grs666

I think I first picked up on that round about Season 2 of Lost!
She has been very quiet since she became an elf, but now that she has left Middle Earth maybe she will be climbing back on the publicity bandwagon?

comment # 11 by cup

grs, she did a reddit ama not long ago promoting the squickerwonkers. i heard that because of this answer, a time after, Sophie Turner, who play Sansa in Game of Thrones, became a bit inspired and started kicking people in the balls as a "thing", but every time she was surprised by her own strength and cuddled a little to make it ok again.

comment # 12 by grs666

I didn't know you spoke elvish, cup!

comment # 13 by cup

i speak elvish? :)

comment # 14 by johnnyondaspot

She's good no matter what. Also I think cup might have some kind of armpit fetish. Didn't know that was a thing.

comment # 15 by cup

@johnnyondaspot, there are dozens of us! ;)