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Lena Meyer-Landrut
comment # 1 by AdrianW

Not really a babe - but the google image search (above) returns some extremely cute pics.

comment # 2 by Lossow

Definitely better than last year's :P

comment # 3 by grs666

Google returns several which are designed to feed cup's fetish:

… including the occasional babe-like one.


Google also returns one which panders to cup's fetish and another which gets closer to my own, so, since I couldn't (at first) find a hires of the original, I amalgamated them:

comment # 4 by redemptor

most of the photos from the first page in Google are better than this one

comment # 5 by grs666

KB's image is a crop from the cover artwork for her upcoming album Crystal Sky:

I think I prefer it c/w crystal.

comment # 6 by Kevin

@grs..I really like your amalgamated original pic of her :)

comment # 7 by cup

@grs, thank you!! :) those are great pictures! do you think "to love and to be loved" could be a conor oberst reference?
you're into tummies? that's so sweet :)

@Lossow, Tom was super cute in Only lovers left alive!

comment # 8 by Morn

To me the crystal is a bit phallic...

comment # 9 by ndwalters

Oh for the love of..... kill it.

Not really a babe or a flattering picture. Sorry.