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Alessandra Ambrosio
comment # 1 by grs666

I'm not sure whether Alê sunning herself in the Maldives should qualify for the Couch Ornament Collection or for the Armchair Decoration Collection, maybe both:

… it must be a hard life getting sent to work in places like this.

comment # 2 by AdrianW

This is just a bad photo, have a look at that horizon. And they've gone overboard on the filters & processing. The girl does look good though.

comment # 3 by grs666

Which was the point of the photograph!

The semi-dutch-angle horizon is obviously deliberate, as is the non-vertical pillar, as the distorted perspective emphasises the more organic shapes in the foreground. If they had left the water and sky this colour, it would have distracted attention from the foreground, which is the real subject of the photograph.