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Hopefully the drama is over and we're on a new server by now!

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Scarlett Johansson
comment # 1 by Lossow

Great news about the new server. Is that a permanent new home, os just a temporary stay of execution?

comment # 2 by mickaelesp

drama? - nevermind, I went back and read.

comment # 3 by roe74


comment # 4 by hamstasparadise

Great news, I'm really pleased, I look forward to my daily helping of ASFW (Almost Safe For Work) babeness. Thanks to everyone running the site.

Unfortunately it's a poor picture to celebrate with.... and the early ratings show there's too much voting for the name (or sometimes the amount of skin on show) and rather the true beauty or picture quality.

comment # 5 by AdrianW

@hamstasparadise - my thoughts as well.
This is just a terrible picture.