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I got an anonymous request for Ms. Bellucci. I hope this does it for you.

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Monica Bellucci
comment # 1 by Poffelchen

actually i don't like her, but this picture is great, thx KB!

comment # 2 by BlackBox

I like her dresses, this one is really nice and the one from The Matrix was gorgeous :D

Tnx K!

comment # 3 by gerben

Gorgeous as ever. One of the most beautiful women on the planet.

comment # 4 by bigbadbunks

But what does she look like, without make up?

comment # 5 by lozzmo

pure beauty!

comment # 6 by Morn

ooohh yeah!! :D

comment # 7 by End-i

She's hot in this picture, but I don't usually find her this pretty... must be the makeup/photoshop

comment # 8 by thehomeboy

I adore her beauty...!

comment # 9 by Cimlite

She's gorgeous... really can't see how anyone could complain.

comment # 10 by pattah

I just love her.

comment # 11 by maccool111

PhotoShopped to hell. You can see the panties but no nipples????