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Ben Browder & Claudia Black
comment # 1 by johgar

bring back farscape! one of the best sci-fi shows ever!

comment # 2 by stink_monkey2000

I agree. I miss Farscape. Claudia Black, nice body, nice hair, nice accent but never cared for her face.

comment # 3 by godzionu

mhhmmmm Stargate SG-1 is the best show ever. And this pair is the hottest of 'em all so far. thank god he is shaved :P . And Claudia Black is ever so sexy :P Best pair and i truly doubt K can top this...

comment # 4 by maccool111

Claudia Black is as sexy as hell.

comment # 5 by zsigger

not only are they sexy, but illustrate connection, that little extra...

comment # 6 by Senseicads

OOh sexy leather pants...nice :D

comment # 7 by karenbear

FARMER!!! :D Where you been buddy? It's been waaay too long!

comment # 8 by Cimlite

Best one yet. :)

comment # 9 by Changer

Is it that Claudia and Ben are hot, or is it that we're in love with the "John & Aeryn-story"?... just thinking...

comment # 10 by poffelchen