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And the winner of the wet t-shirt contest is...

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Poppy Montgomery
comment # 1 by mxyzptlk

I can see, not one but two, nipples :P

comment # 2 by lossow

Mmmmmmmm, very nice pic. But last year's babe is sexier

comment # 3 by misanthropist

me like very much 8-D

comment # 4 by proteinnerd

Water, nice breasts and white cotton... a match made in heaven.

comment # 5 by maccool111

comment # 3 by lossow
"But last year's babe is sexier"

Time to get your eyes tested.

comment # 6 by djpower1966

"Poppy" is an appropriate name for this fine young lady.

comment # 7 by lancer1993

she'll catch her death in those wet clothes, better take them off :D

comment # 8 by kalembo

She sure is Poppy!!

comment # 9 by barowski

just what bjaddaa said: oooeeeh, Perky!

comment # 10 by logiztik


comment # 11 by spyder

she's the reason I watch without a trace ;)

comment # 12 by draiz

Damn Kb, you sure know how to deliver.. I admire you for your abnegation : I could hardly do the same for a male babe of the day!

Or maybe that's just because women are less prone to judgement towards their own sex than men are... Wow, look at my wrist, it's no time for such a discussion about gender perceptions and behaviours...
(a doctor horrible reference appears in this post)

comment # 13 by bigbadbunks

Although it basically already is, it would be great if her t-shirt went missing, without a trace.