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Maggie Grace - A little older photo (2010 movie still) but who's complaining!Maggie GraceMon Apr 16, 2018977.8
Maggie Grace - The first person to make a pearl necklace joke gets banned!  Ah crap, I'm going to have to ban myself now, huh?Maggie GraceTue Jun 01, 20104637.5
Maggie Grace - Looking adorably pensiveMaggie GraceSun Mar 07, 20104637
Maggie Grace - Pretty flowerMaggie GraceSun Feb 10, 20084377
Maggie Grace - Such a bright, beautiful smile. (Thanks for all the congrats yesterday btw  :D)Maggie GraceWed Mar 07, 20074267.4
Maggie Grace - The outfit is slightly... horrible, but oh man, those legs.Maggie GraceWed Jun 28, 20064757.5