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Dita Von Teese - How do you like a little burlesque with your babe?  Thanks to shazbott for the suggestion - hope I didn't disappoint.Dita Von TeeseThu Aug 17, 20064526.6
Nadine Velazquez - Another My Name is Earl babe, this time thanks to GreyShadow.Nadine VelazquezWed Aug 16, 20064277.1
January Jones - How can you resist a woman named January?January JonesTue Aug 15, 20064427.5
Giuliana Marino - Thank you to Jorg for this photo of the German Playmate of the year 2005.Giuliana MarinoMon Aug 14, 20064557.6
Leelee Sobieski - One of my favourite young actresses, and someone I've wanted to make botd for a while now.Leelee SobieskiSun Aug 13, 20064376
Collien Fernandes - Thank you again Chrissi for suggesting today's babe.  I think someone forgot to tell her that belts are supposed to go around the waist.Collien FernandesSat Aug 12, 20064447.4
Lindsay Lohan - Another one I've had a few requests for recently.  I was considering banning anyone born after 1985 from BOTD, but then I realised it just made me sound old and bitter.  ;DLindsay LohanFri Aug 11, 20064446.9
Emmanuelle Vaugier - Thank you to Chrissi for introducing me to this Canadian beauty.Emmanuelle VaugierThu Aug 10, 20064297.2
Christina Aguilera - I've had a few requests for Ms. Aguilera recently, so here she is.  I didn't use any of the photos submitted though, because I have a fondness for her in her more gothic phase.Christina AguileraWed Aug 09, 20064426
Carmen Electra - Since it's been seven months since Ms. Electra's last appearance on BOTD, I thought it was time for another go.  Thanks to snoofyx for the picture.Carmen ElectraTue Aug 08, 20064487.7
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