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Summer Glau - Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she can kick some serious ass as well!Summer GlauMon Mar 13, 20064896.7
Grace Kelly - I have decided to name today Vintage Babe Day.  I thought a little attention had to be paid here to one of the most beautiful women who ever lived.Grace KellySun Mar 12, 20064626.2
Navi Rawat - The beauty with brains from Numb3rs.Navi RawatSat Mar 11, 20064446.2
James Marsters - One for the girls!  What?  Oh come on, who knows when I'll get this chance again, I had to have at least *one* guy.  And you have to admit he is a very pretty guy!  *happy sigh*  Just be grateful he's dressed.James MarstersFri Mar 10, 20064152.4
Kristen Bell - Anybody else watching Veronica Mars?Kristen BellThu Mar 09, 20065237.9
Angelina Jolie - I can't believe it took this long to get some Angelina on this site.  A tragedy I just had to rectify.Angelina JolieWed Mar 08, 20064737.5
Jennifer Garner - Ben Affleck is a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, son of a bitch!Jennifer GarnerTue Mar 07, 20064637
Eliza Dushku - Karenbear here filling in for Arashi, til they tell me not to anymore.  And since I get to choose the babe, I'm going for one of my favs!Eliza DushkuMon Mar 06, 20064707.3
Kelly Brook - Also don't count on anything remotly coherent written here 'till the 18th too :)
Don't forget botd.contest at gmail dot com
:)Kelly BrookSat Mar 04, 20064726.9
Erinn Bartlett - Ok guys, here's the deal. I'm entering the two weeks every year, that I actually have to work my butt off. So updates will be sporadic at best 'till the 18th. (And yeah that means I'll be working Saturdays and Sundays -_-')Erinn BartlettFri Mar 03, 20064356.1
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