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Unfortunately, the person updating BOTD no longer has time for it, any one interested in doing it?

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Lucy Pinder
comment # 1 by mickaelesp

did we run out of babes?

comment # 2 by mickaelesp

did we run out of babes?

comment # 3 by tazz_

"New babe every day since 2005!" well, it's more like babe of the week recently. It's happening more often that there's no upload for like 2-3 days

comment # 4 by AdrianW

Sometimes there's a delay - but it's like waiting for a bus, none for ages then a whole bunch come along at once.

When a new one appears just remember to click "previous" a few times, there's more than likely more to be seen.

comment # 5 by maverick1usa

Oh hum!

comment # 6 by ReCyke

Lucy broke the internet.

comment # 7 by proteinnerd

Not a bad babe to be stuck on for a week or so but last years would've been better imo

comment # 8 by mickaelesp

I've checked for other Babe of the Day type sites and this one has been the best... I forgot the name of the guy running it, hope he's ok.

comment # 9 by santah

As the updated title here says - unfortunately we need a new volunteer to pick up updating the babes.

Let me know if you're interested either here or at info[at]next-episode.net

comment # 10 by maverick1usa

(sigh) Another good site seems to have come to an end.

comment # 11 by mickaelesp

anybody interested in doing a new site or helping on this one? Not sure what's going on. Hopefully the host is ok

comment # 12 by blondelion

I could give it a try helping out, just let me know

comment # 13 by santah

@blondelion - get in touch at info[at]next-episode.net ?