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Alina Vacariu
comment # 1 by karenbear

And I think she's quite happy about it.

The top 20 will be shown soon. :)

comment # 2 by poffelchen

i'm disappointed

comment # 3 by karenbear


comment # 4 by lancer1993

Nice choice for 1000, brunette :D

comment # 5 by Halo2

I must admit I agree with poffelchen.
What was her final score?

comment # 6 by Sluzy

Hmmm... not my favourite, but still OK.

comment # 7 by poffelchen

terrible pic ... don't know why, she looks fake, not the best pic of her...

comment # 8 by Halo2

Though I will add she'd damn hot!

comment # 9 by karenbear

God you guys are such downers sometimes! I'm off to bed. Stop depressing me. :(

comment # 10 by maxxfehr

Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful, but I am surprised that she won out over more familiar and stunning women. The top 20 will be very interesting to see. Thanks KB

comment # 11 by poffelchen

http://next-episode.net/babe-of-the-day/babe/469.html this pic is good. i like her, but not her ebst pic, btw i hoped to see a pic of KB ;-)

schlaft gut

comment # 12 by maglu

Must agree with many of the others...
I was kinda hoping for someone a wee bit more stylish and beautiful in a classical and classy way rather than some (semi-)nude page 3 babe. But hey, that's just my $0.02

Thanks for all the work tho KB

comment # 13 by saifz

Noooo, why didn't josie maran win?

comment # 14 by lossow

This hag? how could she possibly win?

Hehe, j/k KB.

Well, despite what many others here have written, I think she is a worthy winner, damned hot and sexy. I like her very much, even if she is not my personal favourite (I hope my fav made the top 20 tho). And after yesterday's 1 year repeat, I'm kinda glad that babe 1000 is not the same babe as last year's! (even if I did give last year's an 8 *LOL*)

comment # 15 by maccool111

Never seen her before and she's the winner?

comment # 16 by johgar

personally i wonder how this happened...

comment # 17 by ferdinand

i'm definitely not disappointed

comment # 18 by lossow

Really Maccool? She's been BotD at least 5 times before today...

And Johgar, check out her previous pics to see her babe criteria.

I think you've done a great job with the site KB, don't let all the Moaning Minnies get you down!

comment # 19 by Halo2

I do personally think that this http://next-episode.net/babe-of-the-day/babe/469.html picture is a better one

comment # 20 by Halo2

And after looking through them all of her, this is even better: http://next-episode.net/babe-of-the-day/babe/797.html

comment # 21 by dem61s

Thanks for this babe kb. And for the 999 others as well!

comment # 22 by godzionu

I was kinda sure that she will win because of her featuring 4 sundays in a row. she is a great looking babe.
Thank you karenbear for doing an awesome job featurng all these babes, and hunks and couples. i sincerely hope you will continue your great work.
now this kind of whining i can't understand. you had your chance to vote your babe to the top. i guess you didn't even bother. so now you are whining. i know i sure spent a lot of hours browsing thru all those 999 babes and rating them. i know for a fact that when i was rating all of her pictures were over 9.3/10.
so next time in stead of whining do something for yourself to get your favourite up here.

comment # 23 by christofeles

I'm twice happy. Firstly because Alina has won, as expected, she's dropdead gorgeous, and the pic is just fine. Secondly because the -shall I say tasteimpaired?- people here are disappointed.

comment # 24 by misanthropist

Current rating 7.8 ? Nice babe but not my personal favourite. At least she seems to be doing enough abs exercises ;) Looking forward to the next thousand babes KB, keep up the good work :)

comment # 25 by Salocin


comment # 26 by hippotek


And we voted for her!

S don't complain guys ...


Lovely picture of a beautiful woman :)

comment # 27 by lochness

Mmmmm... nice choice everyone :-)

THX to KB for adding this feature to the BotD section....

comment # 28 by hometimenow

KB purrrrrrfection

comment # 29 by dezent

Nice :D

comment # 30 by lancenz

ps, karenbear.. Hope you didn't spend too long renaming them all.

comment # 31 by merc

ps, karenbear, just imagine the day when you have to go back and put yet another 0 at the beginning of each name!

comment # 32 by karenbear

Well since that's not going to be until sometime in 2032 I don't think I'm going to stress about it right now. ;)

comment # 33 by misanthropist

RenameMaster is a nice little program for renaming large numbers of files, maybe use that next time ;)

comment # 34 by vaken

PERFECT, Thank you KB!

comment # 35 by pattah

Good choice all! Good work KB.

comment # 36 by dem61s

Am I the only one who wished we would have kb as 1000th babe?
So many questions: what do her hair look like? her eyes? Is she really a girl?
Well, perhaps it is better to keep a little mistery here :)
Thanks again kb. I took the time to rate all 1000 babes and I am in no way disappointed by the winner!

comment # 37 by karenbear

If you know where to look you will see a picture of me somewhere on n-e.net. Trust me, I'm highly ordinary! Certainly not 1000th material. ;)

comment # 38 by TechnoGreg

This is logical, she's the cuttest of all.

comment # 39 by ferdinand

OMG I just watched "Get Smart" and I want Anne Hathaway again!

comment # 40 by johgar

yeah, sure, great job with the babes. no flaming intended there. just not my favourite is all :)

and yeah, i did browse thru all 999 and voted for the ones i wanted (kinda sad when i put it like that ;D)

comment # 41 by datalore28

Alina is by far my favorite. I can't agree with any who say she doesn't deserve the honor of being our 1000th babe.

KB, thank you so much for all that you do! I'm looking forward to your future choices!

comment # 42 by vonderstock

My girlfriend looks like that :) I'm not kidding. She's even cuter though, but not so tanned as this girl.

comment # 43 by Insuborden

Prrr nothing wrong with her indeed! :9~

Ps, #1 now is Josie Maran :D
(Can't say I don't agree!)

comment # 44 by godzionu

most comments by far?

comment # 45 by spyder

Hope you didn't let the idiots get you down too much KB, there's nothing wrong with this babe.

Thanks for all the hard work you've put in over the last few years, know that at least some of us appreciate it :)