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There will be one obvious reason why a lot of people will love this photo, but I just think it's a gorgeous picture

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Fabiana Semprebom
comment # 1 by lossow

There are many obvious reasons why I love it, you've found another real beauty there KB :)

comment # 2 by humpas

Reason for liking it: her left nipple is showing! BOOOOB!

comment # 3 by mikesullivan

Very nice!!!

comment # 4 by mxyzptlk

Nice indeed! ;P

comment # 5 by Dezent

Nice :P

comment # 6 by shabby

niiiiiiiipple (haha, at the time of this post, she's rated 8.6 after 27 votes, straight to top 3 cos of the nipple)

comment # 7 by dodobird09


comment # 8 by Halo2

She looks weird. Nipples great though, but 7 because of the weirdness

comment # 9 by Halo2

PS, she shouldn't really be in the top 20!

comment # 10 by maccool111

Not sure.

comment # 11 by daff

Not sure either. Weird eyes, nice boob though.

comment # 12 by asdf123

meh average, oh wait BOOBS lol!!

comment # 13 by Poffelchen

perfect 9, very deli.

comment # 14 by Insuborden

Oooow leftboob! Nipple! Sexy underwear! And a hot babe! Very nice KB!

comment # 15 by godzionu

she is ok for a model. nothing perfect. definately no 10. and she has horrible name...
just an tiny tiny small example of a girl who is much more sexier and beautiful than her ->

comment # 16 by konman96

amazing body but "lamb eyes"...

comment # 17 by lochness

Yeah... that rug is awesome.
Looks so soft and snuggly

comment # 18 by nivalis

sure, this picture is nice and make me feel kinda funny like when we used to climb the rope in gym class, but! i think sara gilbert in tbbt is comelier than all of these ladies.

comment # 19 by trenergy

its nice :)

comment # 20 by Keisu

awesome.. would like to snuggle up beside her :D

comment # 21 by mudisoft

don't like the face... strange because on other pics she seems cool

comment # 22 by Jason Kane

hairy muff..