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The (arguably) pretty one from The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev
comment # 1 by Greyhound

She's hot, I'm just not sure she's hot enough to keep me watching that Twilight wannabe show (and why would any show want to be THAT?).

comment # 2 by fredmxm354

OMG, only 80% loaded for me... and im only 25 miles from the sodding server... another e-mail is needed i guess...

comment # 3 by ranger

She is so fantasticly cute, i cant take my eyes of her, but this picture is not very good

comment # 4 by homers

first of all that pic is great and she is gorgeous, second twilight is the wannabe vampire diaries as that exists longer

comment # 5 by dbv1

There's no argument to it, she IS the pretty one from Vampire Diaries!
I watched the first episode, and I think i'm gona keep on watching just because of her!

comment # 6 by Sandor

yeah, she's cute, but if they don't use her "smartly" in the show, then I'm dropping it; also, twilight - 2008, vd - 2009, do the quantum math

comment # 7 by maccool111

Very very nice.

comment # 8 by dbv1

She also looks like a younger version of Emmanuelle Chriqui! Anyone else agree?

comment # 9 by lancer1993

Not loading for me again, tried both the PC and Mac with no luck.

comment # 10 by karenbear

@Sandor - homers was talking about the books. The Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight.

comment # 11 by colinsp

Got it on the second refresh on a different computer in the UK now not Spain. Anyway a great pic of a pretty lady.

comment # 12 by redemptor

small boobs, too young. nope, i'll pass ;)

comment # 13 by membreya

redemptor: She's 20 :)

comment # 14 by Torna


comment # 15 by redemptor

@membreya: I know that but she looks very young for a woman of her age and besides she also plays a younger girl (high school) in VD.