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Yay me - I remembered today!

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Gaelle Garcia Diaz
comment # 1 by kentauren

very nice indeed...who is she??

comment # 2 by Calavera

Yay you KB!
And yay boobs!

comment # 3 by soloman

Looks similar to this one http://next-episode.net/babe-of-the-day/babe/1375.html

comment # 4 by maccool111

I'd suck those lips for sure.

comment # 5 by DonLunte

the name reminds me of HIMYM... when mr iglesias had his guest appearance :D

What was it? Gale?

comment # 6 by Insuborden

Very nice indeed!

comment # 7 by penguin

very nice

comment # 8 by ranger

whoo, looks to much like my cousin.

comment # 9 by pattah

Good work KB! ;)

comment # 10 by jfa236

Ranger, what's your cousin's name and how can i get hold of her??

comment # 11 by Torna

so how's that hunk of the day coming along