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An old photoshoot, but the first time I've seen it in such high res

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Megan Fox
comment # 1 by engenj


comment # 2 by Conjacken

Megan fox <3
I just love her style! This photo is.. undiscribable. it's just pure awesomeness.

comment # 3 by gerben

She really is a fox...

comment # 4 by nomad969

.... think i don't have words to discribe this phot "pure awesomeness" will have t o do for now ^^

comment # 5 by ahriman


comment # 6 by maccool111

If you see a close up of her face in HD she has really bad skin.

comment # 7 by ahriman

I'm sure that's what Brian Austin Green thinks about when those long legs are wrapped around his waist: "my god! look at how bad her skin is!"

comment # 8 by godzionu

she has the ugliest thumbs in the world. 1 point only.

comment # 9 by 3v1lkr0w

her face is a little weird...but i still loves her. :)

comment # 10 by ritman

WTF is this about Bad Skin??? looks normal too me.

comment # 11 by ponch

i wanna touch it!

comment # 12 by lordmrford

She is prefect!!

comment # 13 by Poffelchen


comment # 14 by Insuborden

Anyday, anytime, anywhere!

comment # 15 by jums


comment # 16 by Crazzzy_DucK

Bad skin? Or could it be non-perfect imagery...

She's farkin' hot!