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I know some of you don't like the black & white images, but how can you not love the gorgeous outlines shown here?

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Eva Herzigova
comment # 1 by ranger

Black and white rules

comment # 2 by lancer1993

She had nice 'outlines' :)

comment # 3 by julbr

no complaints here!

comment # 4 by fredmxm354

Greyscale photos are very classy, if done right... :D

comment # 5 by lossow

I still have fond memories of her "Hello Boys" Ad for Wonderbra!!! Apparently it caused drivers to crash... but a 20 foot high Eva in just those undies was very distracting!

comment # 6 by maccool111

Class is class whatever the colour.

comment # 7 by MarvelX42

Black and white sucks!

comment # 8 by recyke

Ya made my Day !!!

comment # 9 by redemptor

it was a bad week for BotD but finally something great :)

comment # 10 by grs666

A bad week???

With two new Top 10 entries!?!

There's no satisfying some people!

comment # 11 by Daimhal

Don't know who she is but she looks good

comment # 12 by beresfoj

nice meaty fadge as well. Yum.