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Blah Blah

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Abigail Spencer
comment # 1 by maccool111

Hot lady.

comment # 2 by grs666

Nice find, KB!

I really liked her in Angela's Eyes, (and in Mad Men) but she was one of the few ladies I admired that I'd never been able to find a decent hires of.

comment # 3 by Daimhal

I want one

comment # 4 by DonLunte

You can call her Blah

comment # 5 by Spyder23

Blah Blah from How I Met Your Mother! NICE

comment # 6 by ahriman

very pretty, in a kind of "I might actually have a chance" kind of way. ;-)

comment # 7 by godzionu

holy crap. no way. she is 29? and i though she is like 45 or 50. i'll pass

comment # 8 by karenbear

Well done those who got the HIMYM reference. ;-)

comment # 9 by Insuborden

Wow 29? Thought she'd be well on her way to 40 judging from this pic... Hmmm...