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Gorgeous shot of Olivia, found thanks to Redemptor

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Olivia Wilde
comment # 1 by mxyzptlk

Is that her nipple?

comment # 2 by szpada87

Yes it is. mrrrrrau!

comment # 3 by DonLunte

im curious too.. but really not sure..

comment # 4 by maccool111

It's Olivia Wilde what more is there to say?

comment # 5 by Daimhal

This picture of her is definitely worth a 10/10!

comment # 6 by grs666

This is a pleasant enough shot of a really hot girl, but then so are many of the piccys on here.
It's definitely the best of Olivia's eight appearances so far, but I can't see why it's Top 20, let alone it's initial rating of #1.
Three out of five of today's anniversary shots score higher in my book!

comment # 7 by Trong

Amazing pic... Should be top 5 atleast imo...

comment # 8 by kjerona

Looking forward to tomorrows babe!

comment # 9 by Insuborden

Perfect 10! Damn she's hot...

comment # 10 by redemptor

thanks for adding my suggestion, there are even more pics of her from the same photoshoot (and also see-through):

comment # 11 by Poffelchen

spank her ^^

comment # 12 by kodenkan

Wow! Smoking hot. Thank you Redemptor!

comment # 13 by evgeniha

10/10 She's very hot :O

comment # 14 by AdrianW

8.9 and the #1 babe - this picture/girl does not deserve to be that high.

The high rating photos of Miranda Kerr and Rachelle Leah are way sexier:

comment # 15 by wizard

Agreed, she does not deserve to be number 1. We need vote editing.!

comment # 16 by laytoncy

To all those complaining...just face it she's hot. Always a 10 for me.

comment # 17 by Sabbe

She's good looking but WAY overrated.

comment # 18 by susu

is she number 13 from house?
(defiantly she don't deserve to be #1)
but she is hot...

comment # 19 by zé german

She must be wild in bed!

comment # 20 by mattoaks

She is hot!! Just look at those eyes! Although she probably gets vote higher because she played a bi sexual in House!!

comment # 21 by qazwsx

I suspect there are a lot of Tron Legacy fans voting on this.
I Haven't seen the movie, but she did look good in the the trailers.

comment # 22 by christofeles

She doesn't deserve to be #1 any more or less than any other woman on here.


comment # 23 by john-halliwell

@susu, yes she is 13 from House. Just wish they'd bring her back :(

comment # 24 by greghouse

I've seen as many hot gals as the rest of you, maybe even more than some of you.. There is something about her that screams Attraction. I just can't take my eyes off of her!! there's something about her... definitely #1 for me. But donno y Natalie Portman is not in the top 20s.

comment # 25 by mattoaks

It's the eyes. I know most of you can take your eyes off the nipple. but it's the eyes for sure!!

comment # 26 by rhytha eliz chacko

hot babe

comment # 27 by shimondadon