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Who ever heard of an underwear set that had a matching apron?

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Kim Cloutier
comment # 1 by grs666

Definitely no jinx there, KB! I'm a sucker for green eyes!

comment # 2 by lossow

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. You're definitely keeping the great run going KB.

comment # 3 by maccool111


comment # 4 by Daimhal

Damn what a roll KB is on!

comment # 5 by crysto


Thanx KB! :P
You sure know how to please a man.. err.. men.. err.. probably girls as well.. err.. :D

comment # 6 by stink_monkey2000

The kitchen and the bedroom. Two good places for a woman.

comment # 7 by ponch

i can die happy now ;-)

comment # 8 by atr7

Hot Damn!!!

comment # 9 by tokcsi

...I'm having heart pulpitations...

comment # 10 by ahriman

very hot...

comment # 11 by kingamz

dammm bomb squad needs 2 be called....nice green eys

comment # 12 by Greyhound

now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich!