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From what I hear, Sucker Punch sucks, but it's certainly not short of some eye candy

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Abbie Cornish
comment # 1 by XtazyMike


comment # 2 by grs666

Bit of a boring pic, but I can't offer a more exciting suggestion unless you like her Sucker Punch posters:

comment # 3 by Mad_piggy

I do like her in the poster. Thats more my kind of BOTD.

comment # 4 by maccool111

Nice enough.

comment # 5 by Daimhal

Sucker punch IS eyecandy!

comment # 6 by Excalibur


comment # 7 by MarvelX42

We gonna get alla the Sucker Punch babes?

comment # 8 by doctorseay

Sucker Punch was a Great Ride!!!