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I haven't watched Terra Nova yet, so don't spoil me

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Shelley Conn
comment # 1 by redemptor

everyone gets eaten by dinosaurs

comment # 2 by maccool111


comment # 3 by fredmxm354

Terra Nova is a massive temporal paradox, so I can't watch it :|

Not bad babe though :)

comment # 4 by mxyzptlk

Fred, no it's not...

comment # 5 by fredmxm354

It is, like so : "Situation A, causes Action B that prevents Situation A, Action B never happens so situation A occurs as normal, leading to action B, endless temporal paradoxical loop... I think waaaay too much about these things :|

comment # 6 by mxyzptlk

Except that they create a parallel universe when they travel back in time... so they can't effect their own timeline...
(I do too ;))

comment # 7 by wckiller

I'm a Sucker for beautiful faces... And this one is among the most beautiful faces I have seen recently.

comment # 8 by MarvelX42

Unless they are creating a Predestination paradox.

comment # 9 by wizard

Don't it's crap. She's OK though

comment # 10 by mxyzptlk

MarvelX42 , but they didn't... aren't you listening?

comment # 11 by MarvelX42

I AM listening, but I haven't seen the show so I only actually know what I have seen in the previews that I saw.

comment # 12 by mxyzptlk

Good :)
If backwards time travel were possible, the only logical explanation to what would happen is that you immediately create a parallel universe the moment you travel back in time. And that is also what they said happened, in this show

comment # 13 by MarvelX42

Alrighty. :-)

comment # 14 by madboobs

Terra Nova sucks

comment # 15 by Paul_Bags

Time is the measurement of the movement of particles relative to each other, therefore backwards time travel would require that you hold all of your particles in a fixed state while rewinding all of the rest of the universes particles and energy transfers. That doesn't make sense. The only possible "time travel" would be forwards, by way of suspended animation.