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Veronika Varekova
comment # 1 by grs666

She was always Veronika up 'til now!

comment # 2 by MarvelX42

Appearently Google agrees with the c speeling.

comment # 3 by maccool111


comment # 4 by grs666

Not strictly true MarvelX42. Google scores Veronica Varekova at 1.04m hits and Veronika Varekova at 2.22m hits.

Google Images scores Veronica Varekova at 47.3k hits and Veronika Varekova at nearly 94k hits. Pretty much 2:1 in favour of Veronika in both cases.

Wiki goes with Veronika Vařeková, which Google scores at 1.8m hits and around 94k images.

Only if you search for images (or pages) with both Varekova and Veronika nearby will Google point out that there are even more of them (unsurprisingly) with Veronica in relatively close proximity (as above).

That Google prompt can probably take a lot of the credit for the mis-spelling having become so popular on the net (the print press having always had a penchant for "correcting" foreign names) by fooling the less-than-careful into thinking that Veronica was the more frequent Varekova.


One year later and Google have "improved" their filters so that the pendulum has swung in favour of the miscorrection:

"C" now scores 815k hits and "K" gets 478k and a "C" prompt.

Google Images scores "C" at 297k hits and "K" at 126k hits with a "C" prompt. Pretty much 2:1 in favour of Veronica this time!

Wiki's Veronika Vařeková now scores 50.3k hits and 126k images.

Whilst a name proximity search gives you 818k/382k with "C" and 938k/410k (and a prompt) with "K".

comment # 5 by trifonius

Beautiful girl, too bad the photoshop is so obvious. Very distracting.

comment # 6 by MarvelX42

You know what I find distracting? Beautiful girls.

comment # 7 by sluzy

Veronica or Veronika, doesn't matter! If they're sellin', I'll take one!!!

comment # 8 by calzone

Only one?