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So is there anybody out there who hasn't already signed up for Dropbox? I could do with some extra space, so if you haven't, you can use this link: Sign up for Dropbox. Oh, yeah, and here's Megan

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Megan Fox
comment # 1 by Barney

Afraid to say that I have seen better pictures of her but she is still pretty damn lovely!!

comment # 2 by grs666

I can't tell what Megan's using to admire her Sharper Image it's not an iPad.

I think I prefer her Armani campaigns though:

comment # 3 by dodobird09

she is over rated and photoshopped beauty. oh and stuck up. so a 1 out of spite

comment # 4 by grs666

Overrated?As an actress possibly; as a sex-symbol probably not.
Stuck up?Never met her.

comment # 5 by halfway666

rating her 10 just to compensate
she IS hot, and movies suck anyway

comment # 6 by thomasevjuk

she WAS a 10 in Transformers 1, unfortunately she has done too many surgeries during the last years.. Now, maybe a 7..

comment # 7 by malajen

I Couldent agree more, she looks more and more like a plastic barbie doll, she was hot not so much anymore.

comment # 8 by mxyzptlk

She's still a 10 to me!