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Yvonne Strahovski
comment # 1 by wckiller

I love everything about her.

comment # 2 by Aikon

Oh so very much yes %)

comment # 3 by grs666

Chuck anotherone on the barbie for me, Yvonne:

comment # 4 by Daimhal

Always a 10

comment # 5 by mikesullivan

Yes yes yes!!!

comment # 6 by miGs

@grs666 lol , lespuddanadda shrimp on the barbie

comment # 7 by susu

YeSSS!!! love of my life!!!

comment # 8 by vinitneo

She is a hottie.

comment # 9 by qwikwitpirate

10 is Never a Surprise, Motherf**ker!

comment # 10 by sander_er_hot

Shes so fucking hot <3 :-D

comment # 11 by ndwalters

Hell yes

comment # 12 by grs666

#1 with a Bullet! I don't think there's ever been a 9.2 before!
And three entries in the Top 10 is pretty rare also Elisha did it for quite a while, and I think Miranda may have done it briefly.

Much as I am a Strahotski fan though, I can't see this one maintaining a 9.x score over time.

comment # 13 by Crysto

Holy shi.. dat score!
Dat babe!
Dat everything!

comment # 14 by godzionu

she is hot, but i really really do not get the place she is modelling. horse training yard?

comment # 15 by grs666

Yup, the Maxim photographer must have been a ponygirl fan Yvonne must have made a great recruit!!!

comment # 16 by ranger

Godzi, my thoughts exactly, why is she sitting in a paddock...

comment # 17 by grs666

Day 2: and the new recruit has maintained her unprecedented 9.2 average over a higher than usual 300 votes, so it looks like I was wrong and we have a new long-term #1!


And one whole year later Yvonne is still at #1 and still occupying three slots in the Top Ten, without doubt the 8th Babe of the Year, though her Rating has settled down slightly to a still unchallenged 8.9 (after nearly 600 votes).

comment # 18 by rhytha eliz chacko

she is pretty

comment # 19 by rhytha eliz chacko

she is pretty