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Josie Maran - for September 7th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Josie Maran
comment # 1 by DrunkOnCheese


comment # 2 by BlackBox

WOW - she really is a cutie :-)

comment # 3 by draiz

*faints* Now that's just too much too fast...
thanks K :)

comment # 4 by jungjintx

damn, she is freakin hot.....

comment # 5 by maccool2

Very nice.

comment # 6 by membreya

erm, username..you mean "camel's toe" ? :P

she's veeeeerry tasty...thanks K ! :)~

comment # 7 by godzionu

she is beautiful and sexy :P and megahot...
and cameltoe :P

comment # 8 by shabby

Wow. Just awesome.

comment # 9 by wizard

Nice. Well done K.

comment # 10 by Senseicads

Wow!! No idea who she is altho she reminds me a bit of faith from buffy.

comment # 11 by wizard

Just in the off-change that you get bored of looking at this one picture of her, check out http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=Josie+Maran&hl=en

comment # 12 by Poffelchen

video of her

comment # 13 by Senseicads

According to IMDB
"As of late 2005, Josie decided to take a break from Hollywood and has moved to Oahu's North Shore. She is now teaching children."
Imagine her for a teacher!!

comment # 14 by shabby

I'd never get bored of watching that picture of her.

comment # 15 by Senseicads

I don't think I will either! I have been flicking back to it all day! :) Top notch choice!

comment # 16 by karenbear

I'm getting the subtle impression y'all like this one. ;D

comment # 17 by shabby

Yep, K. :p My 10th time or so checking out BoTD today. :D

comment # 18 by spyder

We love you Karen! :D

There is no other response. She's hot. For those who haven't checked IMDB, most geeks would know her as the chick from the game need for speed: most wanted :)

comment # 19 by waltdaniels

Certainly one of your best!
A real 'stand-out'BOTD !!

comment # 20 by 24spike

big boobies, so nice picture

comment # 21 by furyf

she's not sexy

comment # 22 by DonLunte

so hot :D

comment # 23 by theaphid

It's a year later now and this just *has* to be my number one pic still. Many many thanks KB!

comment # 24 by Insuborden

Its two years later now and this is the first pic I've given a perfect 10! :w :w

comment # 25 by zé german

Even sexy would say she's sexy

comment # 26 by foggy

probley the hottest girl in the world

comment # 27 by angel

Very, Very shagedelic

comment # 28 by Daimhal

she looks amazing

comment # 29 by johgar

this pic has been on no1 for a loong time now... how about a change? :D

comment # 30 by vinitneo


comment # 31 by zé german

Reasonable people would give her a 10
Haters even give her a 9
Whats up with the 8,8?

comment # 32 by qazwsx

I'm sure someone must have offered to brush those grains of sand of her chest

comment # 33 by Caedmon

@zé german: the only reasonable explanation would be that those giving this candy less than a 9 obviously prefer chubby girls.

comment # 34 by greghouse

other than a pair of perfect breasts I don't really see anything "top 20 Babe"ish about her..

comment # 35 by raymatsell

So the pretty face, perfect mouth, lovely eyes, nice expression, comfortable pose and all-round fit figure don't do anything for you then....she's an 11.

comment # 36 by masc