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Sara Sampaio
comment # 1 by grs666

Sara must be Portugal's hottest export since 1927!

comment # 2 by mikesullivan

She is hot!

comment # 3 by gareth__jones

Something has gone wrong around her left elbow

comment # 4 by AdrianW

@gareth__jones - jeez, that's a major photoshop stuff up. How the hell did that even get out of the door?

comment # 5 by Lossow

Somebody forgot to scroll down when they were making her arm thinner in photoshop! (Though why they felt they had to I don't understand. They didn't do a great job on her shoulder either.) Pretty girl though.

comment # 6 by grs666

I can't take credit or blame for 'shopping her shoulder or elsewhere, but this appears to be a derivative of the 2754x1827 image that I assembled from the patchwork on the H&M site, before the images were officially released, 'cos I made a mistake in that corner and never got round to going back and fixing it. I've a horrid feeling I don't have the component pieces anymore!

I put two copies up on the net before I noticed the mistake, and now it seems to be everywhere!