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Is it wrong that I love this woman simply because she shares a name with a man I idolise?

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Joss Stone - for September 29th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Joss Stone
comment # 1 by cwx

1) It's never wrong to idolise Whedon - he should be knighted for creating Firefly alone, never mind everything else.
2) The microphone is growing hair. lol.

comment # 2 by amrstation

Gorgeous. Hair in the arms though :s

comment # 3 by Senseicads

ehh? what's wrong with her arms? she looks a bit goofy on this pic i have to admit, but she is still a top pick! thanks Karenbear

comment # 4 by shabby

She's ok... Not a huge fun, though :p But it's a good pic of her

comment # 5 by draiz

Yeah what's wrong with dreaming of the whedonmeister as a busty blonde with a pouty mouth? I mean, err...

comment # 6 by harit

Joss Whedon was the best there ever was and the best there ever will be =) nice pic though;)

comment # 7 by maccool111

Not sure if she's a babe but she has a great voice.