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We featured the other half of the Gilmore Girls a while ago, so now it's Lauren's turn.

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Lauren Graham - for September 30th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Lauren Graham
comment # 1 by wizard

Nice blue eyes.

comment # 2 by 24spike

"i wish i had that kind of relationship with my mother" .... whell..she is nice..in my opinion nicer that her daughter..in the movie

comment # 3 by spyder

I went back to look at the pic of alexis but the image is broken :(

Always liked Lauren better anyway.

comment # 4 by karenbear

A lot of the older images don't work anymore - I'm trying to go through an re-upload them when I have time, but I haven't been able to get through them all yet. The one of Alexis has been fixed now though. :)

comment # 5 by karenbear

Yeah, I'm pretty sure her eyes have been photoshopped ScytheNoire - I saw another version of this photo where they weren't that blue. I like this version though. :)

comment # 6 by lozzmo

she's spectacular - more brunettes!

comment # 7 by maccool111

Just a beautiful woman.

comment # 8 by Cimlite

Very cute, fantastic eyes... but somehow doubt they look like that in real-life. Their just too blue. :P

comment # 9 by amrstation

Cute as hell, way hotter than the daughter.

comment # 10 by jungjintx

definitely a beautiful woman...