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We've already featured Nadine, but Chrissi asked for another member of Girls Aloud.

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Cheryl Tweedy - for October 1st, 2006 | all with this babe
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Cheryl Tweedy
comment # 1 by DonLunte

No wonder that the icecream is liquefying!!!

comment # 2 by amrstation

It's getting hot in here!

comment # 3 by nick


comment # 4 by maccool111


comment # 5 by wizard2005

lick lick lick

comment # 6 by godzionu

ScytheNoire i think its this Ford candy holder that is sexual :P

comment # 7 by jungjintx

wow... not too shabby at all... ;)

comment # 8 by karenbear

Yeah, that Ford candy holder is downright provocative.

comment # 9 by shabby

Hubba, hubba..

comment # 10 by rembert

I wonder, would that icecream make me that sexy?

comment # 11 by karenbear

I don't think it's the ice cream that's making her sexy - just suggestive.

comment # 12 by Kal

Mmm! Dessert! ;)

comment # 13 by amrstation

Took me a LOT to notice this candy holder.

comment # 14 by lochness

Love that expression... it says "Really... THIS is how you want me to pose... with melting icecream covering my ho-ha ???"