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Helena Bonham Carter
comment # 1 by grs666

Could this be the Mirror of Erised?
Though who would have Bellatrix as their Heart's Desire???

comment # 2 by vannie

The last movie she didn't ruin for me was Fight Club.

comment # 3 by cup

@grs, My first thought was Voldemort. There is something attractive in Bellatrix, having few restraints, no self-conscious shyness. The passion and confidence of madness. But, we don't know if he loved her, if he was even capable of love, and what his hearts desire was. He was so cartoonishly evil that I suspect a hidden agenda though, and I have a fairly elaborate theory about that. The world of Harry Potter is something I used to think about before falling asleep, it became a habit for a long time. We all have our comforting rituals, and it was very relaxing, just like I was conditioned to be lulled to sleep by the steady 220 volt hum coming through the thin wall from my sisters room for 10 minutes every night, which was her bedtime ritual I suppose. By then I would dream of a world where there were no more magic wands, only me.


ps. those of you reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, chapter 103 is finally out on hpmor.com!