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Now careful what you say about this young lady - she's only 17!

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Hayden Panettiere - for December 6th, 2006 | all with this babe
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Hayden Panettiere
comment # 1 by Poffelchen

best babe 4 like... ever?!
Yeah, KB u rock! Save the ch. save the world

Karenbear - bring it on :-)

comment # 2 by ferdinand

no girl for clumsy guys with those earings :)

comment # 3 by daff

Meh ...

comment # 4 by ferdinand

show me one who wouldn't and i'll show you a teapot :P

comment # 5 by thehomeboy

Legal age in my country! :D

comment # 6 by ragtop

Did she have a role in "Malcolm in the middle"?

comment # 7 by nick

legal here to =D

comment # 8 by mxyzptlk

Well, I'm only 18, and this girl is just beautiful! Ouch!...

comment # 9 by maccool111

Looks even better in her cheerleading outfit in Heroes.

comment # 10 by membreya

"Did she have a role in "Malcolm in the middle"

IMDB is your friend..but yes she did:

Malcolm In The Middle 705 - Jessica Stays Over :)

comment # 11 by membreya

oh and Karen ...if you don't want the wolves to drool .. don't hang a tasty piece of meat in front of them!

comment # 12 by karenbear

It's not the drool I mind, membreya. ;) And I'm not worried about the legal issue so much as I am a bunch of guys, some of whom are 10+ years older, being... a wee bit explicit in their interest. It's creepy.

So drool away, just don't elaborate!

comment # 13 by DonLunte

she is in my age :X
she is very cute, but she really has to much clothes on xD

comment # 14 by shabby

Heroes ftw.. Definately summin for me =P

comment # 15 by Wizard

For all you people saying there are too many clothes, I challange you to find a better picture. A pictures worthy of BOFD for this young hot chic.

comment # 16 by gerben

The young cheerleader from Heroes. Cute, but not really my type. I like Ali Larter better, to stay with the Heroes cast.

comment # 17 by fredmxm354

I wouldnt.. she's stupid enough to smoke, I prefer people who actually have the sense not to kill themselves...

comment # 18 by DonLunte

I should start watching heroes!

edit aprox. 700 babes later: i did start wathcing heroes and cant await season 3

comment # 19 by amrstation

I can wait a year.

comment # 20 by DonLunte

what do you think, when she is 18, will she show what she got (. )( .)?

comment # 21 by lozzmo

Love those freckles

comment # 22 by 24spike

she's cute... really interresting

comment # 23 by edmund

First of all...she's hot! but I think se's 19 years old actually...