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Josephine Skriver
comment # 1 by SelfMan

WTH is wrong with her belly... is there a alien inside?

comment # 2 by grs666

Josephine is the first Dane to be awarded Angel's wings since theoriginal back in '97:

and no alien so far as I can tell, she evidently does lots of crunches as all lingerie models are expected to nowadays.

comment # 3 by mattoaks

@Selfman Those are called abs and they look amazing!

comment # 4 by mickaelesp

you could bounce a quarter off of them

comment # 5 by SelfMan

Jieah... i still do prefer the tummy-looks like Hanna's... http://babeoftheday.net/babe/3669.html natural one.

comment # 6 by Blooindustry

Damn she has small tits