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Another TV mom that hasn't been featured here for over 10 years!

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Lauren Graham
comment # 1 by mickaelesp

she was hot in Bad Santa

comment # 2 by AdrianW

Here's a couple more hot TV moms:

Heather Hughes (Life in Pieces - Betsy Brandt)
Christy Plunket (Mom - Anna Faris)

Someone else who played a mom who is currently playing a school kid! - Sofia Black-D'Elia (The Mick) who was a mom in The Messengers. If you don't know who she is then watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyo6bY8NNkk

comment # 3 by mattoaks

Good additions. I didn't know Sofia was a mom in anything. Other hot TV moms:

Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) & Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks) - the tale end of Scrubs
Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergaras) - Modern Family
Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox) - Cougar Town
Lily Aldrin (Allyson Flannigan) - HIMYM
Kim Warner (Jean Louise Kelly) - Yes Dear

I have more, but I'll stop there for now.