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Wizard is to thank for finding the photo, I made the subtle changes to celebrate our 500th Babe of the Day!

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comment # 1 by theaphid

Oh my good golly gosh! Thank you and congratulations. I'm in the wrong job... should have been a professional photographer...

comment # 2 by DonLunte

Congrats, lets "celerate" it :)

comment # 3 by 24spike

congratulations... i wonder how could they spell "babe of the day" ... you have the "o" ...

comment # 4 by stink_monkey2000

Sideboob galore!

comment # 5 by maccool111

Well found.

comment # 6 by Cimlite

So many feet and no shoes... BOOO! :P

Baah, who am I kidding. What an awesome picture. Makes me wish I was a professional photographer too.

comment # 7 by Morn

makes me want to spoon!! :D anyone?? ;)

comment # 8 by diablos

Oh my God!
The definition of paradise...

comment # 9 by spyder

grats on 500 :D

comment # 10 by BlackBox

Thank you very much K for your very special contribution and dedication to next-episode.
That's one for the reasons this site makes you addictive ;)
And I don't mind the absence of shoes in this pic :D

I laughed out so loud that I shaked up all the babes :P

comment # 11 by mxyzptlk

I would like to take the place of every other girl in this photo!

comment # 12 by thehomeboy

Thank you K for the eyecandy you've shared with us and for this marvelous picture.

comment # 13 by InsaneMonk

dam nice, where do i start

comment # 14 by doctorseay

Not to be negative, but they could have been more symmetrically positioned...and ordered according to skin shade so that it was more fluid. But what a great idea!
Hey...what do you suppose it smelled like in there that day?? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!