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Thao Nhi Le
comment # 1 by proteinnerd

I keep seeing the same babe for like a week then all of a sudden 5 or 6 appear. It's the 9th March and I'm still only seeing this babe from the 4th as the most recent.
Anyone else having the same issue?

comment # 2 by tazz_

Yes. and it's not the first time. it's more like babe of the week now. can't this be automated or something? like upload 7 pics at once and an automatic process makes a pic available every day?

comment # 3 by mattoaks

Yes but someone still has to do it. I don't have the time to do it anymore, and no one has stepped up to fill in. I have continued when I find time, but it's inconsistent. email info@next-episode.net if you would like to help.

comment # 4 by maverick1usa

The Guy Place & (original) Babeherder also had time available problems for posting "Babes". Babeherder has become a 'swimsuit' site while Guy Place went away.

comment # 5 by saitir

What's the incentive for the host or the uploader really though? As homage to its original next episode, the site collection lives on. Unlike most sites there are no adverts, let alone the cancerous adverts you get in a lot of places - ad blocking people can go swing if they're going to complain about free services!
For the uploader, there's no community or feedback. Sure, it's weird having a community on a soft porn site, but the rating feedback is pitiful in letting people know they're doing a good or appreciated job. Fine to know liked or not I guess, but it's kind of a thankless task.

comment # 6 by maverick1usa

@saitir is right about @mattoaks doing this without ads & not getting appreciation from those of us that come to this site daily. It would have to take time to do it daily or even weekly. I do enjoy the new pics when available & hope the site continues & doesn't fold. Thanks to @mattoaks for what is done & to anyone who is able to step in!

comment # 7 by mattoaks

@maverick1usa I appreciate the acknowledgement. I am one of many who have updated the site. I have been doing it for the last 3 years or so. There were plenty before me. I believe it started with @karenbear. Then @grs666 who did an excellent job for a long time. I merely filled in when a void was left. The site is still hosted by next-episode so I had not control over anything but adding pics. @santah is the man behind site, hosting, and fixing it when I would break it. Who knows, if we get quarantined like Italy maybe I'll have time to update again for awhile.

comment # 8 by maverick1usa

@mattoaks good background info. As far as Corvid-19 quarantine I would prefer hearing about a cure or preventive than see more inflictions. Immune systems will build but you probably have to contact it 1st & survive.

comment # 9 by mickaelesp

I could use a fresh babe of the day in these times

comment # 10 by AdrianW

@mickaelesp I think Ariadna Majewska might help, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/AriadnaM/