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Can you believe this lovely, young, long-legged thing was the kid from Panic Room?

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Kristen Stewart
comment # 1 by proteinnerd

Waaaay too many clothes... Boo!!!!

she might look nice if she smiled though ;D

comment # 2 by maccool111

Anorexic but loved her in Twilight.

comment # 3 by bigbadbunks

Looks like the Panic Room had no emergency rations.

comment # 4 by cwx

Quite hot, but needs a warranty or something, looks way too fragile.
*offers her a pie*

comment # 5 by DonLunte

looks beautiful to me, but indeed, too many clothes
but nice shoes :)

comment # 6 by Poffelchen


comment # 7 by senseicads

She could do with a good meal, she is pretty and all but would like a bit more meat on her :D

comment # 8 by pattah


comment # 9 by lochness

They say that panic and fear causes appetite loss ;-)

comment # 10 by mxyzptlk

I could have some fun with her....:)

BtW I liked in the land of woman...

comment # 11 by karenbear

Depends where you live, pattah. ;o)

comment # 12 by maglu

Well, I can't think of a better way to be introduced to the 90's ;)