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Your head goes on the pillow, you daft thing!

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Brooke Burke
comment # 1 by DonLunte

rrrrrr :)

comment # 2 by johgar

i realize theres probably somthing wrong with me.... but i never realy found her all that attractive

comment # 3 by maglu

Yep, you're right johgar, There probably is something wrong with you ;)

Never seen here before but OMG!!!

comment # 4 by bigbadbunks

It looks like she has just been paid, question is, for what?

comment # 5 by maccool111

Look at the length of those toes LOL.

comment # 6 by hometimenow

I'd buy that for a DOLLAR
them's nice toes... :D

comment # 7 by godzionu

johgar there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. imo she is not attractive also. at all.

comment # 8 by spyder

I forgot to post it yesterday, but it applies again today... I'll take last years babe kthx :)

comment # 9 by GnarusLeo

I must agree with Johgar ... its just not my bag :)

comment # 10 by amrstation

Blue dollars?