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I keep forgetting to write something here, don't I? I think I've run out of things to say... Does anyone ever read this anyway?

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Abigail Clancy
comment # 1 by draiz

I do read your comments... keeps me waiting while the image loads ;)
Very nice BOTD by the way!

comment # 2 by Sozat

Same here...

But I'm wondering... where have I seen her ? I'm pretty sure I've seen her somewhere and I'm pretty sure no sexual intercourse were involved... Mmm...

comment # 3 by ferdinand

we read it
but we don't really care :)

comment # 4 by maxandjones


comment # 5 by maccool111

With avid interest.

Another top notch BOTD.

comment # 6 by Sabbe


comment # 7 by mxyzptlk

Actually, I believe that you have more sci-fi geeks reading your comments than the bible :)

This chick is just 21! :P

comment # 8 by Sozat

Speaking of which, isn't the bible kind of SF ? :D

comment # 9 by Morn

your comment is as important to me as the picture
btw, nice bellybutton on this one :)

comment # 10 by spyder

your comments are the only thing that come through on the RSS feed, it's always better when you say something instead of just dumping a hot pic in our laps :)

comment # 11 by lochness

You can dump that in my lap ANYDAY... WOW... :)

comment # 12 by madboobs

i read it always :D

comment # 13 by vanclemmons

who is she? looks like kaley cuoco. well not so much but that was my first thought from the other end of the room.

comment # 14 by karenbear

There's an RSS feed? Huh. I didn't even realise.

comment # 15 by zsigger

of course we don't read that, no wait, I mean.. did you say something because I was totally not reading it... erm darn.

-Yes I read it

comment # 16 by djpower1966

Who needs to read? We like pictures

comment # 17 by spyder

KB: yeah there's a link to it at the bottom of the page :)


comment # 18 by doctorseay

Not once...not ever! :P