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Santa is coming to the babes too :P

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Lauren Graham & Billy Bob Thornton
comment # 1 by Oscee

ho ho ho

comment # 2 by maccool111

She's sweet.

comment # 3 by hippotek

Oh Lorelai oh Lorelai oh Lorelai... WHAT A NICE ASS!!! :)

comment # 4 by djpower1966

Santa's looking the wrong way.

comment # 5 by jacko100

Santa's a lucky bastard. Man, she is fit

comment # 6 by mxyzptlk

I do like the pants on Lauren...

comment # 7 by bigbadbunks

It would be great if she was coming for Christmas.

comment # 8 by hometimenow

Oh what I wouldn't give to be that grubby old Santa bastard - Lauren them's some nice pant

comment # 9 by lancer1993

I know what I want for Christmas :D

comment # 10 by DonLunte

" mxyzptlk
I do like the pants on Lauren... "

i would like it even more without these pants

comment # 11 by lochness

Perhaps a "mother/daughter" version one day ?

comment # 12 by pattah

Such a MILF.